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The BusinessWORKS blog: Musings from Steven Walker, CA

Mistake 11: Lacking required leadership skills to motivate, guide, and empower team members

Your Business Success or Failure Falls to You!

A while back a client of mine told me that his son told him, “Dad, your employees are people. They are not robots, so they need to be treated appropriately.” As this was quite a philosophical statement coming from a young man with limited business experience, my client took stock of what his son had said.

While not an unsuccessful business owner, my client’s strength wasn’t delegation prior to this comment. Once he realized what his son was saying, he Read More…

Mistake 10: Not Understanding the Impact of the 6 Drivers of Profitability

Recognizing How the 6 Drivers of Profitability Work Together to Impact Your Business!

One drastic change, that’s all it takes for improved business growth, right? Not quite…

Having worked with a multitude of business owners, my most successful clients have found the opposite to be true; that improving the bottom line isn’t about making one major change within their finances. Rather, to have long-lasting positive impact on the bottom line, it is important to understand that change happens in small, incremental steps in six different areas, known as the Six Drivers of Profitability. Read More…

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